My three favourite things

● Downtime with my house full of boys

● Cocktails with friends

● Sunny days by the sea

Sarah Hughes
Managing Director

Marketing and Communications

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Sarah launched Muve, a marketing agency in Kent, after 20 years of working in marketing, media and advertising within the publishing sector, with successful long-term tenures at some of the largest Media Groups in the UK including Bauer Media, Hachette and Newsquest. As a mum, she is a passionate supporter and promoter of flexible working and progressive working practices and believes no-one should have to sacrifice their career or take a massive pay cut in order to manage the challenges and demands of modern-day life (parent or not).

My three favourite things

● My beautiful family

● Watching Wales play football and rugby

● Lazy poolside afternoons abroad with lots of sunshine

Rhys Hughes
Content Director

Copywriting, National & Local SEO Services, Marketing, Communications and PR

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Born and bred in beautiful North Wales, Rhys joined Muve after a 23-year long career in advertising. During that time, he worked for national and major regional newsbrands, managing relationships with large publishers and handling many of the biggest London West End agencies. A fervent believer in the power of the written word to communicate and influence, he is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service. For Rhys, collaborative thinking is always at the heart of the most effective marketing solutions.

My three favourite things

● Spending time with my Mum and Grandparents

● Playing with my dog Kai

● Shopping

Lauren Crowhurst
Marketing Executive

Marketing and Communications

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Lauren works alongside Sarah while she studies digital journalism and creative media and production. A real asset, she manages a lot of the day to day activities at Muve and brings a fresh approach, creative flair, a mature writing style and great tech skills to the team. She has a keen interest in video production and scripting and outside of work and studying, she loves to spend time with her Mum, Karen and her dog, Kai, and is an avid reader, enjoying nothing more than delving into a good book.

My three favourite things

● Travelling as often as I can

● Reading crime thrillers (ideally whilst travelling!)

● Gigs and music festivals – minus the camping!

Lorina Wilson
Events Consultant

Event Marketing, Planning and Management

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Lorina works with companies and individuals on the planning and execution of conferences and events, providing as much or as little involvement as they require. Lorina is experienced in co-ordinating intimate dinners, large cocktail receptions, parties, conferences, teambuilding and logistics for large exhibitions across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.  Lorina can also work with you on the concept and design of your event, and help you plan your content to deliver your objectives.

My three favourite things

● Spotting spelling and grammatical errors whilst skim reading published work

● Spending time with family and friends, especially if wine is involved!

● Reading for pleasure

Sam Howard
Freelance writer & proof reader

Copy writing, proof reading and editing

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Sam has been writing and proofing copy for over 20 years now, from newspaper ads to website content, and most recently audio scripts. A member of the CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading) Sam firmly believes that to ensure any piece of writing is error free the human eye is required and computer programmes just don’t cut it! If you want accurate, engaging content that’s fit for purpose get in touch.

My three favourite things

● Spending time with my beautiful family

● Reading and writing (media and philosophy)

● Playing guitar and piano

Paul Thomas Evans
Content Consultant

Publishing, Web Development and Content Creation

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Paul heads up Fourth Estate Creative, a talented content creation agency who fulfil all of Muve’s content requirements for our client projects and campaigns. Fourth Estate have a simple philosophy: “Content with substance, in any medium, is the most powerful way to communicate”. This is applied across all the services that we offer from strong and engaging print concepts, powerful video and audio platforms through to web design and development that is bold, significant and stands out from the masses.